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<это строго дискуссионный материал!>

В порядке дискуссии к определению термина "организационный анализ":

Organizational analysis has traditionally been concerned with three distinct areas: organization theory, organization behavior and strategic management. The former examines the design and structure of organizations; the complementary processes of differentiation (the division of labor and the grouping of functions) and integration (the distribution of authority); the relationship between organizations and their social, political, institutional, and economic environments; and the nature and role of politics, power, and conflict that may result from inherent tensions in coordinating a range of disparate functions and interests. The focus of organizational behavior is human behavior in a variety of settings within work organizations, the extent to which management is able to influence this, how this might be achieved and with what effects. Strategic management has as its focus an analysis of the organization in its environment, examining the processes by which organizations position themselves and seek to marshal resources and capabilities to support and implement strategies. It is concerned with how organizations match, or fail to match, organizational capabilities and strengths with external opportunities and constraints.

Из http://www.business.ualberta.ca/phd/programs/orga.htm